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President of the Management Board

President of the Management Board Andrey Zubitskiy

Andrey Zubitskiy graduated from Kuzbass State Technical University and later obtained a Ph.D. in Economics. He started his career in 2003 at the Koks Group. He became the President of the Supervisory Board of SIJ d.d. in 2007, and in January 2017 he was appointed as the President of the Management Board of the SIJ Group.

 Mr. Zubitskiy is the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Slovenia. The seat of the Consulate is in Jesenice.

Tibor Šimonka

Member of the Management Board

Tibor Šimonka

Tibor Šimonka holds a degree from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. During his career, he has held several managerial positions in various companies, including CEO, deputy CEO, and CFO, getting a detailed knowledge of the SIJ Group in the process. Between 1999 and 2002, he was a member of the finance and economics board at Slovenian Steelworks d.d. (currently the Slovenian Steel Group). He has managed SIJ d.d. and the SIJ Group as President of the Management Board between 2002 and 2014.

From June 2014, he spent a year and a half as the authorised representative of the crediting banks in the structural adjustment process and the search for a strategic partner – investor for Perutnina Ptuj d.d. From 25 January 2016 to 21. February 2019 he was also the President of the Management Board of Perutnina Ptuj d.d. Tibor Šimonka became a member of the SIJ d.d. Management Board on 22 February 2018.

Igor Malevanov

Member of the Management Board

Igor Malevanov holds a degree from the faculty of economics at the Belarusian State University. During his studies, he worked in several Russian companies, specialising in insurance and financial matters until 2000. In 2001, he joined the Koks group as the CFO for the group’s affiliate companies. In 2004, he became the head of the financial department at IMH – the Industrial Metallurgical Holding, founded in 2002. Between 2007 and 25 June 2017, he was the head of the financial, economic, and IT department at the SIJ Group. Igor Malevanov rejoined the SIJ Group Management Board as a member on 22 February 2018.

Viacheslav Korchagin

Member of the management Board

Viacheslav Korchagin

Viacheslav Korchagin graduated at the Kuzbass State Technical University in economics and management in engineering. He began his career as the assistant deputy of the Governor of the regional administration of the Kemerovo Oblast. After that, he held several key positions in the IMH – Industrial Metallurgical Holding group: he was the assistant to the commercial director of the company Kemerovo-Koks and the commercial director of COF Berezovskaya (the central plant for ore treating and enrichment), the CEO of the companies Torgovyj dom Kemerovo-Koks (Kemerovo-Koks trading company), Vanadij and Polema, and the deputy CEO of UK IMH – Industrial Metallurgical Holding.

Between 2007 and early 2014, he was a Member of the Management Board of SIJ d.d., and from September 2014, he was the deputy CEO of the company Dilon d.o.o. From early 2016 to 21. February 2019 he was the Vice President and member of the Board of Finance, Economic, Controlling and Procurement at Perutnina Ptuj.

On 9 April 2018, he was reappointed as a Member of the Management Board of SIJ d.d.

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