Have you become aware of potential violations in your work environment?

The SIJ Group recognise the importance of ethical and lawful business conduct and encourages you to report errors and possible violations through the internal reporting channel. This way reports can be dealt with efficiently and errors and violations can be corrected promptly.

You can report violations of any regulation that you have become aware of in your work environment. You must report the violation detected no later than two years after the termination of the violation by clicking on hyperlink www.faceup.com/c/1vxooq72.

Violations may include, for example:

  • violations of regulations in the field of labour relations;
  • violations of the prohibition of discrimination;
  • corruption;
  • bribery;
  • violations of financial regulations;
  • violations of environmental regulations;
  • violations of tax regulations;
  • violations of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations;
  • violations of public health regulations;
  • violations of consumer protection rules.