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Ljubljana, 18 June 2024 – Last Sunday, the 9th SIJ Day, a gathering of all SIJ Group employees, students, and scholarship holders, as well as their partners and children, took place in front of the Institute of Sports in Ravne na Koroškem. An important part of the event was the awarding of prizes to the best innovators, top employees, and super jubilarians, along with numerous sports and social activities.

The traditional gathering brought together almost 4,500 employees with their families and scholarship holders, featuring music, entertainment, a football tournament, a mini-Olympics for the youngest, and other sports and social activities. As Tibor Šimonka, Senior Vice President of the SIJ Group, stated, events like this bring employees together, just as sporting events unite people from different backgrounds:  "When we watch our athletes at the Olympic Games or the football championships, we feel a collective pride and joy that unites us as a nation. Like sporting events, our SIJ Day creates opportunities to connect, collaborate, and foster a sense of belonging.” Let us remind you that SIJ Group has been a sponsor of the Slovenian Olympic Team for many years.

At the 9th SIJ Day, representatives of the SIJ Group management and directors of the individual companies presented awards to the best innovators, top employees, and super jubilarians. This underscores how innovative, enthusiastic, and loyal employees contribute to the success of the SIJ Group, which invests heavily in modern and environmentally friendly production, as well as in the local community. The strong connection to the local environment was also highlighted in the welcoming speech by the Mayor of Ravne na Koroškem, Dr. Tomaž Rožen.

In the morning, members of SIJ Sports Club and other employees cycled a 25-kilometre tour around Ravne. Runners participated in a three-mile race, and hikers, along with Petra Majdič, the ambassador of Steel Will, a well-known project of the SIJ Group, set off at the pace of a Nordic walk. The mini-Olympics for the little ones were an indispensable part of the programme and were especially spectacular this Olympic year. Children carried the Olympic torch and flag to the competition venue, accompanied by the Olympic anthem, alongside Olympians Petra Majdič and Urška Žolnir Jugovar. We were entertained by one of Slovenia's best stand-up comedians, Tin Vodopivec, who complemented the programme's host, Špela Šavc, with his jokes. The Atlantix band provided a great atmosphere on the dance floor with music from various genres.


In addition to SIJ Day, we gather on the winter slopes for the SIJ Winter Games, organize New Year's Eve parties, and host festive performances with Santa Claus for our employees' children.

To help reconcile private and professional life, we have implemented Family-Friendly Enterprise certification activities across all SIJ Group companies. We offer special leave for introducing a child to kindergarten, accompanying a child to an information day, and caring for a seriously ill family member. Additionally, we provide a payment equal to the minimum cost of living at the birth of a child, a contribution for purchasing school supplies at the beginning of the school year, presents for children up to 14 years old in December, and free summer holidays for over 140 children of our employees.

We also promote health at work. Among other benefits, SIJ Group employees can enjoy a variety of recreational activities free of charge or at a reduced cost at all three locations where SIJ Group companies operate. Employees and their family members can also join SIJ Sports Club, which offers annual programs in running, cycling, and Nordic walking.

Additionally, we provide SIJ Group employees and their family members with faster and easier access to quality healthcare services without long waiting times through supplementary health insurance on especially favourable terms.



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