Living among giants cyclops and robots

Business Conference Portorož (PKP) is a main economic event in a Slovenia that brings together business people, encourages an interactive exchange of knowledge, experiences, opinions and views on current economic and business issues in the wider economic area.

These year's event was held by the title "Living among giants cyclops and robots", and also a member of SIJ's management,  Slavko Kanalec, Director of Technology at SIJ Group, contributed to the conference. Below you can read his contribution. 

Slavko Kanalec, Director of Technology; 

" Robots giants will serve the steelmakers well

As long as robots and gigantic cyclops were the main characters of science-fiction films, we admired them. Now that they want to live amongst us, we are afraid of them because they are supposed to take over our jobs. In the steel industry we treat them as welcoming colleagues because they will carry out hard work or work in places where working conditions are not most pleasant. Robotization will also replace human beings in processes that require exceptional precision. They will be a welcome substitute also for monotonic operating functions, which are an integral part of almost all productions, the humans will therefore have more opportunity for creative challenges. After all, the cyclops have only one eye, and the man has two to see broader, knows how to master the unpredictable and connect well, as the Slovenian businessmen do on the PKP for almost two decades."

SIJ Group supports projects that strengthen business links and exchanging of know-how and experiences, so we joined to the project as one of the main sponsors.