By the end of the year, SIJ Metal Ravne will have launched ESR4, a new Electro Slag Remelting plant, that will enable the production of steels with superior purity and improved malleability. With this investment of EUR 3.7 million the company plans to increase sales of the most complex ESR steels, which are in high demand, by more than 60%.

SIJ Metal Ravne, the second largest company in the SIJ Group and the third largest producer of tool steels in the EU, plans to launch the 20-ton ESR4 electro slag remelting plant by the end of the year in response to the growing demand for ESR steels. Their existing three ESR plants do not have the sufficient capacity to fulfill all customer orders.

By investing in ESR4, SIJ Metal Ravne is taking firm steps towards fulfilling the SIJ Group 2020-2025 strategy and is further pursuing the goal of remaining the market leader in the niche market of tool steels. The EUR 3.7 million investment in ESR4 will enable SIJ Metal Ravne to increase production of purer steels with improved malleability while further expanding their market reach and consolidating its position in the competitive niche market of tool steels. The investment will mainly increase the sales of tool steels for hot-work tool steels SITHERM, tool steels for plastic injection molding SIMOLD and cold-work tool steels SIHARD, their end users being customers from some of the most demanding sectors such as the energy sector and mechanical engineering, oil and gas industries and others. The company is also planning to enter the aviation industry market, which requires high-quality and technologically advanced products for which the company obtained the ISO 9100 certification in 2020. 

Borut Urnaut, the Managing Director of SIJ Metal Ravne, explains the ambitious sales plans: “The investment in ESR4 will enable us to increase production and sales of the most complex products by 60%. These are high-quality steels for the high-end market, distinguished by their special mechanical, anti-corrosion, electrical, magnetic and other properties, which have been in high demand”.

The Ravne Steel Mill, the predecessor of SIJ Metal Ravne, was among the pioneers of the ESR process, introducing this advanced method of steel processing into its production program in 1972 as one of the first companies in the world.



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