Presentation document on the launch of trading in sik01 commercial papers on the regulated market

Based on the provisions of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Rules and of the applicable law, SIJ – the Slovenian Steel Industry, Gerbičeva ulica 98, Ljubljana (hereinafter: SIJ, d. d., Ljubljana), as an issuer of nine-month commercial papers valued at €20 million, with an annual interest of 2.20%, under the symbol SIK01, hereby notifies the public that the company has submitted a claim to the Ljubljana Stock Exchange to launch trading in its commercial papers on the organized market of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.  

Please find attached the notice “Presentation document on the launch of trading in commercial papers by SIJ – the Slovenian Steel Industry, under the symbol SIK01”, prepared for listing newly issued commercial papers for trading on the regulated market and for providing information on the issuer and on commercial papers to existing and future owners of commercial papers, under the symbol SIK01.

This notice is also released on the website of SIJ, d. d., Ljubljana, at:

The information contained in this notice will be available on the official website of SIJ, d.d., Ljubljana ( for no fewer than 5 years from the date of publication.

Presentation document


Ljubljana, 27. 3. 2015

SIJ, d. d., Ljubljana

The Management Board