Ravne Knives completed all the procedures for the final acquisition of Sistemska tehnika

End of 2015, SIJ Group, represented by Ravne Knives d.o.o., completed all the procedures for the final acquisition of Sistemska tehnika d.o.o. and become 100-percent owner of the company.

On 18.th of January, company Sistemska tehnika d.o.o. changed its name into Ravne Systems d.o.o. At the same time intensive activities for merger of (former) Sistemska tehnika d.o.o., Noži Ravne d.o.o. and Serpa d.o.o. are outgoing. Currently, Ravne Knives d.o.o. and Serpa d.o.o. still operate as an independent legal entity. Final merger into Ravne Systems d.o.o. is planned in the upcoming months this year.

Ravne Systems will have expertise in the field of engineering, R&D and production:

  • industrial knives and to knives related replacement parts for various industries, as metal, recycling, wood and wood processing, paper and tire industry,
  • forged rolls for cold rolling of carbon, stainless and silicon steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous sheet and foil, shells and cores  for continuous casting,
  • components and spare parts for various industries such as steel plants, forging shops and rolling mills,
  • sub – assemblies and complete equipment according to customer’s documentations,
  • large bearings/slewing rings,
  • revamping, upgrades and maintenance.

The combination of metallurgical and engineering know-how guarantees innovative technology and better value for you as the customer:

  • having a single partner with ability to offer wider range of products and services,
  • better technical support for the customers based on ST insight into technological processes in rolling mills,
  • higher performance new products based on synergies in R&D resulting in lower operations costs,  
  • highest product quality as a result of tight integration into vertical chain from steel-making to final product allowing better control of the process,
  • better pre and post-sales activities through combined worldwide sales network present in more than 70 countries worldwide.