SIJ Becomes Associate Member of the World Steel Association

At the 48th annual conference of the World Steel Association that ended in Moscow on October 8, SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group became the associate member of the organization which unites world’s greatest steel producers.

The World Steel Association is the biggest international umbrella organization of steel companies, members of which represent about 85% of world’s steel production. At the Association’s annual conference SIJ was represented by the president of the board of directors Anton Chernykh.

The development strategy of the SIJ Group foresees further investments and development of newer and more demanding steel types with which the Group has already been entering market segments and industries with higher added value. Considering the orientation towards a further expansion of the existent own service and sales network (currently the key markets are EU and USA) and strengthening direct business relations with end product manufacturers, the SIJ Group is expecting to gain an even better market position in key sales markets and a more efficient break into new, rapidly developing markets and industrial sectors through its associate membership in the World Steel Association.

In the first six months in 2014 the SIJ Group marked an income of EUR 377 million euro (+7% compared to the same period last year), EBITDA of EUR 47 million euro (+85% compared to the first six months of 2013) and the net profit of EUR 18.9 million. While the global steel market growth was slightly over 3%, the growth of the SIJ Group was more rapid and it considerably increased business earnings, for the EBITDA margin was 12.5%.

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Dr. Denis Mancevič, Executive Director for Corporate Communications

Anja Potočnik, Corporate Communications