SIJ Group Takes Over Sistemska tehnika

Ljubljana, Friday 18 September 2015 – SIJ Group Takes Over Sistemska tehnika.


SIJ Group – Slovenian Steel Group welcomes the successful completion of the sales procedure for the share and claims against Sistemska tehnika d.o.o., sold by the Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC). In this sales procedure the SIJ Group was represented by Ravne Knives d.o.o., one of the leading manufacturers of industrial knives in the world.

The SIJ Group has four companies in Ravne na Koroškem: Metal Ravne, Ravne Knives, Serpa and ZIP Center (a company for the disabled), which together employ over 1,400 people and represent the core of the economic development in Koroška. All companies are consolidated in the corporate management policy of the SIJ Group and have been successfully developing – last year the SIJ Group achieved an EBITDA of EUR 78 million and a net profit of EUR 25 million, as well as increasing its added value per employee to EUR 55,000, which is over 60% above the average in the Slovenian metal processing industry.

By taking over Sistemska tehnika the SIJ Group will realize its long-term strategy of development by 2020/2025, since one of the strategic aims is the expansion of the current portfolio of end products with a high level of heat and mechanical treatment. This will enable the group to enter new, demanding market segments (oil and gas industry, aviation industry, energy sector) more actively. Future possibilities can be seen for realizing the above-mentioned strategy in Ravne na Koroškem, mostly through the management of the entire production chain and the achievement of synergies within the many business processes of the companies that used to be a part of Ravne Steelworks.

The possibilities for further growth of Sistemska tehnika are particularly extensive, by fully integrating it into the processes of research and development, development and marketing of new steel products, and by using the SIJ Group’s existing sales channels (our own service and sales network in all the key markets). The latter, especially, will bring stabilization of operation, financial and operational restructuring and, above all, new developmental opportunities for the company that has been facing a decrease in orders for several years.

"The ironworks and steel industries have an outstanding, almost 400-year old tradition in Ravne. However, tradition itself does not guarantee future development. This can only be achieved with intensive co-operation, the search for synergies in the entire production and sales chains, and continuous investments in development, production and competencies. With this view it is considered that the SIJ Group's takeover of Sistemska tehnika is excellent news for everyone who continues to develop the Slovenian steel-making tradition with pride. The company will have a long-term, socially responsible owner with strong equity, who will ensure a completely new path of development," said Peter Čas, Director of Ravne Knives


"We are pleased to sign a contract on this day with Ravne Knives who offered the best purchase terms in the call for tenders regarding the sale of the ownership interest and credits of Sistemska tehnika and of the ownership interest of Sistemska tehnika Armas. The two companies, who have been in the process of sale for many years as part of the bankruptcy proceedings against Skupina Viator & Vektor d.d., which has been under receivership, will now have a chance for further development under the control of their strategic owner," said BAMC.



The SIJ Group is the largest Slovenian vertically integrated metallurgist group, ranked among the top market positions in the European and world niche steel markets. The Group comprises five business areas, has 22 affiliated companies in Europe and the USA, and employs 3,200 people.

In 2014 the SIJ Group generated EUR 707.8 million in revenues, a 7% increase in comparison with 2013. The EBITDA increased by 91% reaching EUR 77.8 million. The 11% EBITDA margin that was achieved put the SIJ Group among the most successful world steel producing groups in 2014. The EBIT amounted to EUR 39.6 million and increased by 18 times in comparison with 2013, and net profit was slightly less than EUR 25 million.

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