The notice about possibility of payment of Consent Fee to Holders of SIJ2 and SIJ3 Notes

In accordance with the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Rules, the provisions of the Financial Instruments Market Act (Zakona o trgu finančnih instrumentov, Ur. l. RS, No. 67/2007, as amended, hereinfter: "ZTFI") the company SIJ – Slovenska industrija jekla, d.d., Gerbičeva ulica 98, Ljubljana (hereinafter: "SIJ d.d." or the "Company" or the "Issuer") in relation to Terms and Conditions of the Notes with security codes SIJ2 and SIJ3, issued by the Issuer, hereby publicly announces that the Issuer has passed a resolution in relation to both series of Notes, according to which it will, in accordance with the international financial practice and assuming that the Holders of the Notes will pass the Written Resolutions with the majority required by the Terms and Conditions of the Notes and consequently approve the modifications of Terms and Conditions of the SIJ2 and SIJ3 Notes, pay to each Holder of Notes a Consent Fee representing 0.15% of nominal value of each SIJ2 and/or SIJ3 Note held by such Holder. A translation of the  full text of the  Managemend Board resolution setting out the conditions and other details relating to such payment is attached to this announcement.

For the purpose of providing information to the tax authorities and compliance with its other obligations under the tax legislation, the Issuer will treat the Consent Fee as if it would constitute a payment of interest under the Notes.

This information will be published on the website of SIJ d.d. at as of today and will remain available on the Company's public website for a period of five years at least.

Ljubljana, 17. 11. 2015

Management board of SIJ d.d.

SIJ MB Resolution