The SIJ Expert Library contains the best business book of 2017

The SIJ Expert Library contains the best business book of 2017


The best-seller Grit by Prof. Dr. Angela Duckworth, which received the 2017 award for the best book on business, is one of the ten books published in the SIJ Special Library collection.


The award was given by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (its section of book publishers) and the Managers’ Association of Slovenia at the Slovenian Book Fair. Grit is a convincing original work which provokes the reader into contemplation on personal dedication, the immeasurable sources of self-motivation, and shows the possibility and importance of personal involvement in achieving one’s personal and professional goals.


The award is a testament to the cooperation going back several years between the SIJ Group and UMco publishing house, which publishes books in a sustainable model of editorial cooperation, thereby creating value for the publishing house, the Slovenian business public, and provides life-long learning opportunities for the employees of the SIJ Group.


They enable the broader business public to read literature in its native language, which would otherwise not find its way to Slovenian bookshops, were it not for the cooperation between UMco and the SIJ Group. By additionally printing books for the SIJ Special Library and enabling on-line access to all of the books published thus far, the SIJ Group encourages its colleagues to read, think, and share their thoughts and experiences in meetings dedicated to subjects vital for professional and personal growth.


The SIJ Group and UMco are already planning to publish new books as part of their cooperation.