Wood industry knives

Industrial knives have gradually become an important part of our processing program. They reflect technologically more demanding sales programs, which cover practically every key market segment and industrial sector.

All knives are produced in compliance with strict quality standards, enabling them to reach the most disqualifying limits of tolerance. Knives are made in relation to individual orders and are tailor-made for our partners. These are offered in a wide range of materials, which is precisely why they can find a use in almost all sectors of industry.

Long term research and development in the field of wood knives has enabled us to develop new technologies and materials which can withstand even the most demanding production procedures.


1. Knives for cutting and plywood

  • Grenzebach,
  • Cremona,
  • Keller,
  • Kralovopolske,
  • Capital,
  • Coe,
  • Fezer,
  • Raute,
  • Marunaka,
  • Uroko-Hashimoto,
  • Valette&Garreau in drugi.


2. Knives for chipping

  • Bruks,
  • Pallmann,
  • B.Meier,
  • Metso Camura,
  • Ferarri,
  • Heinola,
  • Pessa,
  • Rudnick & Enners,
  • MUS-MAX,
  • Eschlböck,
  • Doppstadt,
  • Komptech,
  • Albach in drugi.


3. Knives for particle boards, OSB; MDF

  • Bruks,
  • Pallmann,
  • B. Maier,
  • Pessa,
  • Hombak in drugi.


4. Knives for sawmills 

  • Linck,
  • Weima,
  • Nicholson,
  • VK in drugi.

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