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The SITHERM brand contains hot-work tool steels


The SITHERM brand encompasses premium-grade high-temperature and hot-work steels. These are used in dynamic loading, and the design and manufacture of ferrous as well as nonferrous metals and steels. SITHERM brand steel is used to manufacture complex tools such as: moulds, die casting tools, high pressure die casting tools, cores, hot cutting and extrusion tools. The tool surface is exposed to cyclic temperature variations and mechanical loadings. In response to this, SITHERM brand steel is characterised by high tempering resistance, great toughness, and ductility by hot in cold conditions . SITHERM brand steel is usually delivered in a soft-annealed condition.

Grade range

 SITHERM grades 

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Quarto plate
Round bar
Square bar
Flat profile
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Dušica Radjenović

Executive Director of Sales